Senior Voice Engineer

Full Time
Charlotte, NC
Posted 4 years ago

Job Purpose:
Satisfy existing customers, build new customer base, generate top line revenue for AveriStar Consulting.

Duties: Platform Management

  • Assist in establishing best practices for maintenance and monitoring of BroadWorks and SBC
  • Assist in determining appropriate feature and service upgrades for BroadWorks platform
  • Perform platform patching and minor release upgrades for BroadWorks, SBC, and IP Endpoints
  • Perform major release upgrades for BroadWorks and SBC
  • Review and execute test plans as required by customer upgrades and installations
  • Assist in IP Endpoint device file configuration and management
  • Provide Tier 2 and above technical support to include IP Endpoints, Network Devices, SBC, BroadWorks and PSTN interconnects
  • Manage and maintain AveriStar virtualized lab system
  • Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential
  • Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

Duties: Training Development and Presentation

  • Utilize knowledge of IP networks, QoS, TDM, and other technologies to develop white papers and training modules
  • Conduct solo and team training classes both in Charlotte training facility and on-site at customer locations as needed
  • Update existing training material as needed


  • Extensive networking experience
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organization skills
  • Fast learner and able to work without supervision as required
  • Works well with others as part of a team toward organizational goals
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with using Interior Gateway Protocols (IGP) with emphasis on Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience in implementing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • Strong understanding and experience in implementing Quality of Service (QOS) in a Cisco network environment
  • Solid background in the application of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE), and Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
  • Detailed understanding and experience in implementing Voice over IP (VoIP) with special emphasis on using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Cisco Voice, Cisco IP Telephony, and strong VoIP troubleshooting skills
  • Strong troubleshooting skills and experience in using network troubleshooting tools such as Wireshark or Fluke Networks network analyzers
  • Firm background in UNIX system administration and provisioning with special emphasis on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Sun Solaris
  • Experience with Network Management Systems such as Edgeview, Solarwinds, Cisco Works, Zhone Management System and Calix Management System
  • Experienced in the use of UNIX shell scripting
  • Strong understanding and experience with Wide Area Network (WAN) transport protocols such as Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
  • Solid foundation and understanding of Local Area Network (LAN) protocols and the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) mode

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