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Is your BroadWorks platform running on an outdated physical hardware or virtual environment?


AveriStar has successfully migrated BroadWorks platforms from old hardware to new hardware, all with ZERO service interruption and impact to the end user.

Have you attempted to upgrade your BroadWorks platform to the latest release only to find that the server resources will not support later releases of BroadWorks? Our expert engineering staff coupled with in-depth back-end knowledge of the BroadWorks platform, allows us to migrate your platform in under 21 business days, utilizing only a 6 hour maintenance window!

Migration allows you to:

  • Change from public IP addressing to Private IP space (optional)
  • Use existing IP address schema (minimal impact to all other network elements such as Gateways, SIP Peers, and Session Border Controllers)
  • Move or Upgrade from one Operating System to another (Solaris to RHEL, RHEL 5 to RHEL 6, RHEL 6 to CENTOS 6, etc)
  • Transition from XEN-based virtualization technology to VMWare
  • Transition from physical server environment to virtual environment
  • Transition to another hardware vendor (IBM to HP, etc)
  • Re-purpose legacy production hardware for a lab environment
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