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We solve problems -- whether it is a phone, IAD, ATA, SBC, or Cisco BroadSoft issue.


AveriStar offers support that goes above and beyond what you get from the vendor -- this is what sets our company apart from any other.

AveriStar installs and configures new Cisco BroadSoft Platforms to include SBC's and is best known in the industry as the company that will make your platform work, allowing your organization to recognize revenue. As with any software application, upgrades and maintenance are a necessity. AveriStar can help take the pain and indecision out of upgrades, new services, and product life-cycle by leveraging our years of experience and hundreds of successful upgrades.

As part of our Monthly Support offering, AveriStar can assist your team in end-to-end troubleshooting of all next generation voice network elements, from the phone at the customer location to the core of your network.

Top Services

  • Major release upgrades and system patching
  • UC One deployment and testing
  • Call center deployment and testing
  • M6 to BroadSoft migrations using customized Express software

"Averistar has proven to be a valued partner of LivCom. Their logical and systematic approach to upgrading our SBC's on our VoIP platform has improved our product and our customers experience. Our Engineers also benefitted from Averistar's implementation process as they learned much about the platform."

Jeff Wolf, General Manager


Engineering Services

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