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AveriStar shines when it comes to bridging the M6 to BroadWorks gap.


AveriStar has migrated several large M6 platforms to a BroadWorks environment, supporting both SCCP and SIP end points, all without any end-user downtime.

The M6 platform provided great features at a great price, which is why there are so many ‘dual platform’ owners with an M6 AND a BroadWorks platform. BroadSoft purchased the M6 platform and its customer base and developed the Access Mediation Server (AMS) architecture in order to provide M6 platform owners a way to extend the life of their SCCP (Skinny) phones, while providing features and services off the BroadWorks platform.

The AMS architecture does exactly what it’s supposed to do, but what about the thousands of subscribers and their data that needs to be moved between disparate databases? Moving customer data, settings, and service configuration is where AveriStar shines when it comes to bridging the M6 to BroadWorks gap.

Our Migration Process Will:

  • Collect all subscriber information from the M6 to include:
    • Subscriber Information
    • Feature Configuration
    • Device Type and Settings
    • Customer-wide features and settings (Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants, ACD Queues, etc)
  • Assist the service provider in deciding whether the AMS should be deployed in order to support SCCP end points
  • Install, integrate, and deploy the AMS architecture
  • Ensure that all SCCP templates are configured to support current M6 features and services
  • Assist the service provider in mapping SCCP end points to SIP endpoints without an AMS architecture
  • Allow service providers to migrate either all M6 subscribers at one time, or groups of customers over time
  • Provide an automated solution to populate the BroadWorks Application and Network Server databases with only 20% manual intervention required
  • Assist in the test and troubleshooting of the migrated users
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