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We are proud to partner with Cisco® to bring you Webex for Service Providers — a new Wholesale Route-to-Market (RTM) product that harnesses the capabilities of the Webex Suite while enabling high-volume, high-velocity transactions ideally suited for the small and medium business (SMB) market.


With demand surging for integrated cloud collaboration, AveriStar is partnering with Cisco to bring you Webex for Service Providers -- a new product designed to address the evolving needs of your customers.

Webex for Service Providers enables you to address the massive demand for fully integrated cloud collaboration solutions and it provides the agility, scalability and flexibility to create your own co-branded offers for your growing list of customers.

Managed Services for Webex

  • A collaboration cloud-based service for calling, messaging, and meeting from any device.
  • Includes HD video, voice, messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and conferencing in one easy-to-use and secure application to simplify workflows.
  • Enables you to bring the fully integrated collaboration experience of Webex to your customers.

Whether at home, on the go, or together in a meeting room, Webex brings everyone together to do exceptional work. Solve business challenges, build stronger relationships, integrate with productivity tools, bring projects to completion—Webex has the collaboration tools needed to keep work moving forward. Now, you can deliver Webex to your customers in one single application.

AveriStar is a Cisco Certified Partner
AveriStar is a Cisco Certified Partner

Key Benefits


The solution offers four calling and collaboration packages that’s well-suited for your end users in the small and medium business (SMB) segment.

Fixed, Predictable Per-User / Per-Month Pricing

Each package has a fixed transfer price with Cisco. These transfer prices are captured in a PO that gets submitted once into Cisco Commerce Workplace (CCW). After that, you no longer need to use CCW for any sales transaction.

High-Velocity Provisioning UX and APIs

APIs provide a simple, machine to machine interface that integrates into your back-office systems. This allows you to provision, manage, and remove customers and users.

Monthly Invoicing Based on Net Active Users

You are billed monthly for the net number of active licenses, in arrears, and pro-rated on the activation dates of each customer. This allows you to flex up and down and only get charged for licenses that are actively provisioned on the system.

Simplified and Centralized Administration

The administrative web-based portal allows you to manage and remove customers and users, view analytics, and customize it to reflect your company brand and identity.

Webex for Service Providers makes it easy for you to leverage your brand with a co-branded offer, build on your market position, and innovate with your own services.



Common Area — The Common Area package supports basic calling features. It is intended for simple endpoints like hallway phones, door phones, and simple retail stations. The Common Area package includes features like Call Forward, BLF, Transfer, Call Waiting, and T.38 Fax. More advanced calling features, as well as Webex Clients, Messaging, and Meetings are part of higher value packages.

Webex Voice Package — This calling-only package includes a subset of the calling features that are associated with Webex Calling with the option of the Webex App softphone or a choice of devices. It does not include the Meetings and Messaging functionality and offers a calling focused package for customers looking for a simple voice solution.

Webex Calling — The Webex Calling package includes advanced calling features, as well as the Webex Client, Webex Messaging, and a “basic” meetings capability. This package is intended for all professional users of the platform. In addition to the features in Common Area, calling features include, but are not limited to, Hunting, Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, Shared Call Appearance, Privacy, N-way Calling, Executive/executive assistant, and many more. Webex Calling also includes use of all the Webex Clients for Desktop and Mobile OSes, Webex Messaging functions including Spaces and File Sharing.

Webex Suite — Webex Suite is the most feature rich package that includes all capabilities of the Webex Calling package, all user and groups services, Webex messaging, and the full Webex Meetings product for up to 1000 participants. This package will appeal to the senior/professional level within the company with heavy calling and large meeting requirements.

Webex Meetings — The Webex Meetings package is a standalone meetings package that includes Webex Messaging, and Webex Meetings for up to 1000 participants. This package does not include a calling seat. It is intended for those users who only want a meetings and messaging capability that is not associated with their calling behavior.n.

Packages for Wholesale RTM
Packages for Wholesale RTM


Webex Calling has the enterprise business calling features that Service Providers need – all included in the single user license charge.


Alternate numbers w/ distinctive ring Anonymous call rejection Barge-in exempt Business continuity (CFNR)
Busy lamp monitoring Call forwarding: always/busy/no answer/selective Call history Call hold & resume
Call logs w/ click to dial Call notify Call queue agent Call recording
Call redial Call return Call transfer (attended & blind) Call waiting (up to 4 calls)
Call waiting ID Connected line ID restriction Directed call pickup Directed call pickup with barge in
Do not disturb Enterprise phone directory Executive / Executive assistant Extension dialing, variable length
Feature access codes Hoteling: host & guest Inbound caller ID (name & number) Inbound fax to email
Mobility Multiple line appearance N-way calling (6) Office anywhere
Outbound caller ID blocking Personal phone directory Priority alert Privacy
Push-to-talk Remote office Selective call acceptance Selective call rejection
Sequential ring Shared call appearance Simultaneous ring Speed dial 100
T.38 fax support Three-way calling Unified messaging User intercept
User web portal Video (point to point) Visual voicemail Voicemail


Auto attendant Call park authentication Call park group Call pick up
Call queue External calling line ID delivery Group paging Hunt group
Intercept group Intercept user Internal calling line ID delivery Music on hold
Receptionist client Microsoft Teams integration Voice portal


Webex for Service Providers only requires a single “blanked” Purchase Order/Subscription at the service provider level, against which the service provider will be billed for all usage across their customer base. This frees up the service provider to focus on onboarding their customers onto the Webex platform.


Webex for Service Providers is built for service provider scale. To achieve this, all functions for partner level and enterprise level management are enabled via APIs. In an ideal state, an API call for creating a customer entity in Webex and an API call for creating and configuring services for users are all you need. Cisco has invested in asynchronous APIs that do away with ordering APIs and any other manual operations. These APIs extend those available on and allow service providers to span integration from service provider to customer to user easily. The design guidelines for these APIs are that they are simple to use, allow service providers to operate at scale, and offer flexibility via onboarding templates to target offers to the end customers.


Webex for Service Providers provides you with two simple interfaces to provision and manage customers:

Partner Hub: Managing the Offer

Partner Hub: Managing the Offer — Partner Hub is the web-based administrative interface that you use to configure offer attributes that span enterprises. Partner Hub provides:

  • Offer Management — Establish default settings, templates, and policies that apply to all enterprises managed under the offer.
  • Cobranding — Set client brand colors, logos, and other client attributes for a cobranded end-user experience that reenforces the values of both the Service Provider and Cisco.
  • Enterprise Onboarding—Add new businesses to your offer, assign enterprise-level features, and security compliance. Set meeting site attributes including dial-in and callback services.
  • Enterprise Management and Reporting — Assign roles and responsibilities to admins within the enterprises that you manage. See analytics across all enterprises to monitor adoption, usage, and quality metrics.

Control Hub: Managing on Behalf of the Enterprise

The Control Hub offers a holistic view of an enterprise’s Webex services. It helps you manage all enterprises, users, devices, and security settings in one place. Control Hub provides one central cloud app for all your administrative functions with detailed analytics and reporting. Also, the administrator can configure security and compliance policies to help keep data safe and meet regulatory needs.

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