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Cisco BroadSoft application experts and integration specialists.

Providing Cisco BroadSoft-based Service Providers and Carriers with unparalleled engineering services, technical support, hosted and premise-based provisioning portals, customized end-user portals, and the best training in the business.

Since 2007, AveriStar has deployed platforms to include Session Border Controllers, PSTN Gateways, SIP Peers, and various SIP End Points. Our engineers transition existing production BroadWorks systems to new hardware, or virtualized environments, migrate legacy platforms to BroadWorks Systems, and everything in between to include upgrades, patching and end-to-end troubleshooting.

AveriStar, is a "Certified Cisco BroadSoft Technical Partner".


Founded in 2007 by two former BroadSoft employees, AveriStar is comprised of highly experienced engineers certified on Oracle Session Border Controllers, BroadSoft BroadWorks, Cisco Networking, and a wide range of CPE vendors.

AveriStar engineering specializes in highly customized, niche engineering projects that have helped service providers and large enterprises integrate and consolidate acquired BroadSoft and M6 platforms, migrate to new hardware, and transition subscribers from legacy voice solutions to next generation Unified Communications. In addition, AveriStar provides contracted Tier 3 and Tier 4 monthly support to providers across North America, assisting with provisioning, CPE customization, upgrades and patching of all Unified Communications components.


Message from Matt Averi, Co-Founder of AveriStar

We offer customized solutions to suit the needs of each customer that span the lifecycle of the solution.

From product conceptualization, network design, and deployment to end-user rollout and back-end support, our extensive hands-on experience ensures that we are a preferred professional services partner for any BroadSoft deployment project.

The Building Blocks of Unified Communications

AveriStar founders worked at BroadSoft and built the entire business around the BroadSoft Platform. Customers greatly benefit from our experience.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Engineers

AveriStar employees have worked at large corporations in the telecommunications field. We have developed superior tools that help customers operate and grow their businesses.

A Dynamic and Flexible Communications Expert

We respond to a variety of client needs with an eye on best practices in structure, administration and maintenance – reaching optimal performance and reducing total operating costs.

Join the AveriStar Team

Explore career opportunities at our offices in Charlotte, NC and the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

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