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Powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based BroadWorks enterprise management application.


Take full control of group, user, and device VoIP provisioning using a fully-integrated platform management application developed by AveriStar.

Built for the Cisco BroadSoft platform, Express NUOVO enables IT managers and service providers to reduce costs, cut provisioning time, and minimize errors by improving consistency across user profiles. It delivers enhanced provisioning functionality, coupled with advanced customer care management tools to support streamlined workflows that platform administrators and provisioners utilize daily. Operational functionality can be decentralized and distributed to multiple enterprises and group levels, including custom permissions and role-based administration.

Express NUOVO:

  • Securely connects to the BroadWorks XSP or Application Server and performs reads/writes directly to the BroadWorks database while leaving customer data in place.
  • Execute bulk modifications to features, phone services, device types, and authentications to more than 1,000 users simultaneously, with provisioning error protection.
  • 60+ custom permissions, enhanced CDRs and High Availability options for premise-based deployments.
  • Interfaces with SurgeMail for BroadWorks Unified Messaging over secure connections. Express NUOVO is AS-805 compliant (Information Security).
Express NUOVO

Express NUOVO is part of the PlatformSuccess® suite of products.

Key Benefits

Cloud-Based User-Friendly Interface

Save Time and Money *

Simplified and Streamlined Provisioning

Simple to Use

One System Voice Mail and Unified Messaging Setup

Ease of Management

One Interface / Single Pane of Glass

Built Exclusively for Broadworks

* UCC Spending Justification

When organizations with more than 1,000 subscribers use administration management tools, they save 31% on ongoing operational costs and 65% on one-time implementation costs by automating many of the provisioning and re-provisioning functions.

Source: Nemertes Report-Value Matrix Q4, 2018

Making BroadWorks Management Easy


Tools including hierarchical control, access and change logs, granular supervisory permissions. Express NUOVO’s role-based administrative settings have their own set of permissions for Users, Groups, Services, Devices and Supervisory functions. Easily search changes by enterprise, group, date range, module, and who made the modification and apply advanced filters to user search criteria to quickly find a specific user, or groups of users with similar characteristics.


Provide quick and easy access to all BroadWorks elements. Powerful tools are included that allow bulk modifications to users or groups to edit Basic Info, Domains, Services, DN’s, Call Processing Policies, Network Classes or Service, Voice Portal Services, and Outgoing Calling Plans.


Context sensitive help is available on every page including video instruction and guides. Help sections include full-screen videos that explain features, functions and available options for each module. Access to call and feature management enables providers to distribute administrative functions downstream.


Quickly authorize service pack deployments, and user and group services. Activate, configure and manage advanced mobile communication features in real time.


Including security, bulk provisioning, bulk modifications, error detection, Surgemail integration. AveriStar is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that protects customers including using secure user and two-factor authentication, login and company data protection, account deactivation, and secure messaging. Bulk provisioning and modifications are checked for validity and any errors are flagged and returned for edit before proceeding.

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