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Matt Averi


Matt Averi

Matt Averi

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Averi, a distinguished technology veteran with 27 years of experience, co-founded AveriStar in 2007 and currently leads as the Chief Technology Officer. His role encompasses overseeing engineering projects, platform migrations, and setting the technical course for the company. Matt’s early career involved a systems engineering role at Wandel and Goltermann, focusing on SONET and SDH fiber optic networks. This expertise transitioned into a systems architect role at Lucent Technologies, where he played a pivotal role in designing and deploying the South American Crossing, a 40 GB sub-sea DWDM ring network connecting numerous South American countries.

Before founding AveriStar, Matt honed his skills as a senior systems engineer at BroadSoft, which laid the groundwork for AveriStar’s emergence as a frontrunner in BroadWorks-based voice networks.

Apart from his technological pursuits, Matt is a proud former United States Marine, where he specialized in radio communications. He holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology from The Penn State University. Residing in Charlotte, NC, Matt balances his professional life with personal passions, including playing drums in a local classic rock band, and cherishing time with his wife and family.

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