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Improve communications with customers, internal employees, and partners by keeping interactions within a single platform.


Message Exchange allows UC-One users to take advantage of SMS capabilities within the same client. This eliminates the need to send SMS to contacts (internal or external) from a personal cell phone or third-party application.

Cisco UC-One is one of the many Cisco collaboration tools serving over 300 million users worldwide. Averistar Message Exchange extends unified messaging to individuals residing outside of the UC-One platform. Unfortunately, UC-One requires employees to break out of the system and use an unconnected device. For example, a sales person wishing to text a prospect will have to use their private mobile device to have the exchange – unless the system is SMS enabled to allow texts to flow beyond its walls. With Averistar Message Exchange, Cisco UC-One is fully SMS-enabled.

Averistar and Telestax are proud to provide key capabilities to Cisco for business communications and collaboration.


Rich API Set

Add domains, certificates and whitelists while leveraging advanced searching and reporting via the API.

Intuitive Console

Eliminate the learning curve with an easy to use, self-service portal for efficient reporting, management, and search queries.

Mapping Management

Manage multiple enterprises with mapping architecture that allows for easy provisioning and usage billing.


Benefit from the option to bring your own carrier, giving providers a choice to use their own SMS-enabled numbers.

With more than 9 in 10 millennials now owning smartphones and nearly 20% of those users accessing the internet exclusively with smartphones, SMS becomes a critical way to do business.

Source: Pew Research Center, 2019

UC-One with SMS Enablement Benefits Teams

Get immediate information
Receive timely offers
Gain appointment reminders
Learn about new products
Access support

Store messages within company network
Reduce platforms to manage
Track/trace conversations as necessary
Provide two-factor authentication

Improve response rates
Use one platform for email, SMS, voice
Separate business from personal SMS
One platform to learn
Track conversation history

UC-One SMS in Action

Message Exchange from AveriStar eliminates the need for the employee to have to switch applications or device in order to respond to the customer. The employee also benefits from having their SMS conversation with the customer saved alongside all other account-related conversations. This ability to look up, or review previous conversations makes following up easier and leads to a more personalized and relevant customer experience.

UC-One Client View

Employee's UC-One client receiving a message from a customer asking about the status of their shipment.

Mobile Phone View

Customers can quickly and easily
interact with vendors via text message.

Get Set Up in Minutes

The intuitive console allows you to map individual user phone numbers to their associated email address or UC-One ID.

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