AveriStar to integrate TransNexus SD Reporter

With the rise of toll fraud across voice platforms it has been a priority for AveriStar to both find and integrate a solution to not only protect our clients but to inform when fraud is detected in their network.

In our search, we were looking for a cost effective, easy to install solution that would provide our clients with a robust set of tools including early detection, reporting and the ability to automatically block threats.

After an in depth review of the TransNexus product our engineering team decided to pilot the software with a few of our customers throughout the United States. Jim Dalton, president of TransNexus was a tremendous help with assisting our team with deploying these pilots and provided us with that assurance that his product would help our customers.

After a few successful pilots, AveriStar certified the product and made it a standard part of AveriStar’s PlatformSuccess.

In the next few weeks, PlatformSuccess owners will see a new module that displays quick reports and status updates conveniently placed inside their dashboard.

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